Our 6 Best Moroccan Spices & Blends

Ras el hanout, crushed rose petals, toasted cumin, and sesame za'atar conjure the smells and flavors of most Moroccan spice bazaars. Buy these Moroccan spices to get cooking traditional tagines, couscous, grilled lamb, or crusty bread and oil for a trip to Morocco without leaving your kitchen!


Thyme and sesame seeds give this Middle Eastern classic a nutty flavor balanced by floral herbs and acidic sumac. Stir into olive oil and pile onto crusty bread or sprinkle on eggs. Tuck into a Lebanese style pizza or use as dry rub on chicken or vegetables.

Grains of Paradise

This woodsy, spicy, citrusy, warm, little-known West African spice is something of a cult classic among international chefs. We love using this stand alone spice as a dry rub for steaks, barbecue chicken, or kebabs or whisked into marinades for fish and vegetables. The citrusy flavor of grains of paradise also plays well in leafy green and grain salads. We also love it in a lemon vinaigrette. Try adding it into fruit desserts like apple pie or grilled peaches and play on notes of cardamom and clove. Enjoy!

zaatar spices

Urfa Biber

Often described as raisins meets coffee, this dried Turkish chile is smoky, almost sweet, and imparts a deep, red-maroon tinge to everything it touches. Urfa chiles pair well with braised meats, eggplants, and red peppers and gives great depth to dairy spreads or hummus.

urfa biber spices

Saffron Threads

Saffron threads are famous for their vibrantly golden hue and are most traditionally used in rice dishes. They are the most expensive spice in the world and also among the most flavorful and prized. We’ve included these delicate threads intact, for grinding by hand. Add to risottos, pilafs, or vegetable dishes for a beautiful color & unforgettable flavor.

saffron threads spices

Moroccan Ras El Hanout

Roughly translating to "top of the shop" in Arabic, the prized Moroccan ras el hanout is meant to comprise the very best a spice merchant has to offer. Individual spices are freshly ground and expertly blended and incorporated into traditional Moroccan tagines, couscous, or grilled lamb or chicken dishes.

moroccan ras el hanout spices

Sumac Spice

Long used in Europe for its tartness, this ground sumac spice is a versatile spice with a tangy, lemony flavor. Use in everything from dry rubs, marinades, and dressings or sprinkle over food just before serving. Pair with grilled vegetables, grilled lamb, chicken, or fish or top on fattoush salad or hummus.

sumac spices


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