Best Furikake Recipes

Nori Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning that is traditionally used on cooked rice, veggies, and fish. We've gone the traditional route, but we've also got an amazing popcorn recipe that makes use of our freshly ground nori furikake and soy sauce. Enjoy!


Nori Furikake Rice Bowl

Our traditional nori furikake rice bowl is simple but delicious. Make use of our freshly ground nori furikake spice and add a few more ingredients, and you've got a filling weeknight meal! Full recipe here.


Nori Furikake Popcorn

For a crowd-pleasing snack, look no further than our nori furikake popcorn. Simple, delicious, and a perfect pairing with any movie. Full recipe here

Nori Furikake Popcorn

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