The Yucatan Spice Kits

During the time of the Mayan's, food was at constant risk of spoiling in the tropical jungle climate of the Yucatan. To prevent this, pibil, a way to preserve wild game with a spice rub and pit smoke, was invented. With influences from the Caribbean, Dutch, Lebanese and Spanish, Yucatan culture has evolved but continues to maintain its original Mayan roots.
Achiote, a slightly bitter spice, is paired with charred chiles, garlic, juices & spices to create a recado rojo paste, arguably the most famous flavor of the Yucatan. This paste is typically used as a rub, marinade or flavor base. This month, we're making a traditional pork pibil, rubbed in an achiote paste and marinated overnight. We've also got tons of other recipe ideas- achiote grilled shrimp, quesadillas and a super simple achiote rice- on the blog. We've also included a pequin chili infused salt, for topping on pibil or sprinkling on cheesy, grilled corn. Lastly, we've got a Super Greens blend for whipping up a super healthy Mexican avocado smoothie- add pequin salt for a spicy kick. Buen provecho ("bon appetit" as they say in Mexico)!
As always, more recipe ideas are in our blog. Enjoy this month’s spices and don’t forget to tag us @rawspicebar and #rawspicebar with your cooking photos!



Freshly ground Achiote Recado Rojo, is made from annatto seeds, a woodsy, earthy spice used in rice dishes across Latin America.


Used to flavor moles, soups, and other dishes, epazote is also known for its beneficial digestive properties and super pungent flavor of mint, citrus, pine and anise that mellows when cooked.

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