The Best Spice Sets

Spice sets are a great neutral gift that almost everyone appreciates. The right spice set can give every amateur cook a good time.

Finding the best spice sets for gifting takes time and effort. Not every collection is the same, as some give basic spices and others give away weird combinations.

Having the right set of spices can mean a lot to the person you’re giving it. The quality can tell the receiver how much you care.

Finding the Best Set of Spices

  • RawSpiceBar Build Your Own Spice Set

RawSpiceBar's “Build Your Own” spice set is a superb giveaway collection. All spices and combinations are single-origin, so you assure yourself of the quality.

What makes Raw Spice Bar’s spice set unique is the extensive choice you have. You can choose from over 24 single spices and 25 different blends.

  • The Spice House Essential Spices Collection

The Spice House is a great place to get little baggies or flatpacks of spices you use. These flatpacks don’t have too much that will let the spices go stale. They’re also not too little that you’ll be short any time soon.

The best set from Spice House is their Essential Spices Collection. These 24 herbs and spices come in either bottles or flatpacks at ½ cup increments.

  • Penzey’s Spice Replacement Gift Crate

Penzey’s is a great source for people who are looking for spice sets. Their gift boxes have different themes for different needs, and some of these are Baker sets, Kitchen Classics, and even Salt-Free.

For those who need a spice rack overhaul, the best pick from Penzey’s is their Spice Replacement Gift Crate. It has everything that a kitchen would need to get themselves started.

  • McCormick Three-Tier Wood 24-Piece Organic Spice Rack

For those who are looking for savings, McCormick is the most mass-market spice set you can find. McCormick covers much of the basics for good, run of the mill spice set. Their three-tier wood 24 piece organic spice rack looks gorgeous, and it’s a great set to give away or to keep for yourself.