Best Gifts for Grandparents

It’s hard to surprise grandparents since they seem to have everything already. Worry not, here are some unique gift ideas you can get for them this year.

  • Neck Massage Pillow

This is a nifty gadget to help them get rid of any neck pain at any time of the day. It’s also portable and perfect for travel. 

  • Puzzle of the Month Club

Solving puzzles can help the elderly improve their memory, cognitive skills, and concentration. Challenge your grandparents with the 1000-piece Puzzle of the Month Club jigsaw puzzle. They will enjoy working on the glossy puzzle pieces with vibrant colors.

  • Smartphone Picture Printer

If they are the sentimental type, this picture printer will help them keep the family album up to date. They can already print pictures right after they’ve taken them.

  • Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

This blanket is made from organic cotton. Its softness will help them relax during the day or have a better sleep at night.

  • Indoor Home Garden

This is a big hit for those who love cooking or gardening. It comes with pods for basil, green lettuce, or mini tomato. It’s also low maintenance!

  • Jo Malone Scent Diffuser

Jo Malone is popular for making incredible scents. This modern potpourri comes in a clean and minimalist glass container, which also makes it an ideal decoration for the living room.

  • Ancestry DNA Genetic Test

Are your grandparents into history? They’ll surely appreciate knowing what their heritage and genetic breakdown. They’ll also have a chance to build the family tree.

  • Crosley Wood Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

This turntable is nestled in a vintage-inspired briefcase. Your grandparents will enjoy listening to their favorite vinyl records with this item.

  • Grandchild and Grandparent Activity Set

We all know how much they enjoy being with their grandchildren. Here’s a great way to make bonding sessions more fun.

  • Spectacle Holder

Do they always end up misplacing their eyeglasses? Here’s an item to make sure they know where to look for it the next time around.