Cooking Hacks: Parchment Paper Substitute?

The many uses of parchment paper in the kitchen make it an indispensable item to have. A roll of this non-stick, greaseproof paper is something that all kitchens always need to have.

Regardless of what you do in your kitchen, you will always find a use for parchment paper. It can be used for stick prevention, wrapping food while heating, as linings, and many more. Since the uses are endless, you may find yourself running low on parchment paper supply at times.

4 Parchment Paper Substitutes You Can Use

Luckily, there are several substitutes that you can use. Nothing beats the versatility of parchment paper, however. Make sure that you restock as soon as you can! Here are suitable substitutes that you can use:

  1. Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can be a good replacement if your task involves heat. You can use it to wrap food before heating them the same way parchment paper is used. Just take note that aluminum foil, unlike parchment paper, is not non-stick. This means that you may have to pick off foil bits from your food afterward.

  1. Silicone mats

Silicone mats can also be used in tasks that involve heat. Their non-stick properties are useful for baking, and they’re reusable to boot. These mats don’t replace all parchment paper functions, however. You can’t use them for wrapping food before baking.

  1. Wax paper

Parchment paper can be used for lining or storing food, and for preventing spills or splashes. For these purposes, wax paper can be a good alternative. Note that wax paper is not heat resistant, so make sure you don’t use it for baking.

  1. Oil, flour, and cooking sprays

Do you need parchment paper for preventing sticking while cooking or baking? If so, you can use oil, flour, and cooking sprays as an alternative. These are good options that any kitchen will have.